FuturixImager is compact and customizable image viewer. It is capable of opening more then 50 graphical formats, including most popular ones (GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, JPEG2000, raw, DNG). Imager can also print, scan, perform basic editing operations, make screenshots, show camera metadata, import raw camera photos, generate histograms, and much more.

What's New:

* Improved TIFF support (including support for ZIP compression and several bugfixes)
* Improved support for 16-bit grayscale PNG images
* JPEG lossless transformations will update embedded EXIF data (optionally)
* Reworked "Delete" function to delete safely and to recycle bin only
* Raw camera formats update
* Fixed misbehaving keyboard input in several rare situations
* Printing and editing moved to modal dialogs
* To solve potential confusion TWAIN is now default scanning subsystem for WindowsXP
* Basic compatibility with Windows Vista
* Restored compatibility with WindowsNT 4.0 (Service Pack 6)
* Italian translation now available, many other translations updated