It combines the MapPoint Web Service with exciting new innovations around bird's eye, satellite and aerial imagery, map styles and usability as well as enhanced local search. The Virtual Earth platform has become the best solution available on the market for businesses and government customers.

The Virtual Earth platform enables you to deliver innovative solutions and breakthrough customer experiences. Add bird's eye imagery for real estate applications to show prospective clients, enhance your store locator with the dynamic, drag-n-drop maps, or provide your fleet drivers with highly-visual driving directions. The possibilities are endless.

The Virtual Earth platform powers a variety of consumer, enterprise and government applications that enable people to learn, discover and explore a specific location. Virtual Earth powers Windows Live Local, Microsoft's online local search and mapping web site, but this power can be in your hands too, for any kind of application.

Take your websites and applications to the next level by creating an immersive online mapping and visualization experience with the Virtual Earth platform. If your app is stuck with flat, boring maps, call us and we'll help you migrate.

Locate. Integrate. Innovate.