BeoPlayer is an MP3 player with a Bang & Olufsen attitude. It automatically sorts your MP3 music alphabetically by genre, artist, song and album title - and lets you create you own playlist of favorites from the different groups of tracks. Beoplayer is not only a player in its own right, it is also an entry point to other products enabling digital recording, storing and/or reproduction. Pros: It's free. Also: the interface is slick and totally different from any other player software on the market. It doesn't try to look like a stereo faceplate, but instead is a tiny vertical stripe that lives unseen on the right side of your screen. While different from anything you may be used to, the interface only takes a few minutes to grasp and makes much more sense than the clunkier players. To access it, just wave your mouse over any point on the far right side and a tiny black triangle will appear. Click on it, and the interface will pop out and stay out as long as you are clicking in it. Once you're through, just move your mouse somewhere else and the interface disappears while your music is playing. Your music list sits in the same manner on the left side of your screen, and quickly organizes your files by artist, title, genre, or playlist. Playlists are drag-and-drop. Other features include automatic access to CDDB when an audio disc is playing, one-click scan of your hard drive(s) to find music files and automatic sort. Plays all the most advanced audio formats.

What's New:


New features

* It is now possible to select the playback scope in N.MUSIC, either to play tracks within a particular group/folder or to playback in all groups/folders


* When playing back videos in PHOTO, the aspect ratio might be wrong.
* After update from previous version to version 4.54, an exception might occur.
* Thumbnails in PHOTO are not saved on cache, and therefore re-generated every time the PHOTO source is started.
* The update notification shown after a software update might occur more than once per software update