mundu IM V4 is the revolutionary instant messaging technology for all Windows Mobile 5.0 OS devices and handhelds. Its architecture is robust, scalable, highly customizable and feature rich. With Mundu IM V4, your entire community of online buddies on AIM®, MSN®, Yahoo®, ICQ®, Google® Talk or Jabber® IM services will be accessible to you through a single user friendly interface. You can carry out a host of real-time, important activities such as file transfers and cross-conferences all with a user-friendly interface and personalization options such as group management and status-customization. You can also do cool stuff like share photos through the application, express yourself better with Rich Text, Emoticons & Customizable Status. You can keep a record of your chats and also chat in multiple (international ) languages. So if you're on the move and have an imperative need to stay connected, then mundu IM V4 will bring your world in your hands.