The idea behind AudioFinder is elegantly simple - provide a user interface like the Mac OS X Finder that is optimized for browsing and auditioning audio sample files.

AudioFinder can be controlled exclusively from the keyboard or by the mouse.

By using the up and down arrows the user can quickly scan hundreds of audio files. When the user finds an audio file that they would like to use in a project they can either copy the file or refer (make an alias) the file to the favorites directory.

When the user has found all the sounds they plan to use in a music project they simply go to the favorites directory and start work using their music program of choice. Double clicking on a file opens it in the preferred audio program as configured in the preferences.

Another problem that AudioFinder solves is the management of drum loop files. Often a drum loop will not have the BPM in the file name therefore making it difficult to find the right match when searching for a loop.

AudioFinder can guess the BPM or the user can utilize the BPM Tap Pad to tap out the tempo. Once the BPM is found AudioFinder can rename the audio file to include the BPM. This can be a great time saver when searching for drum loops that are close to the tempo of a music project. DJ's can use AudioFinder's BPM Tap Pad to quickly find out the tempo of their favorite vinyl.

The best of all features is the ability of AudioFinder to "Walk" a directory of sample files. The idea here is to use AudioFinder in conjunction with your music creation tool of choice. Launch your music program (IE, Live or Reason) and start your song playing.

Launch AudioFinder and navigate to a directory where your samples are. Click the first sample file in the list and then click the "Walk" button. Sit back and listen as AudioFinder walks the directory, when AudioFinder plays a sound that you want to use in your project click the "Copy to Favorites" button. Then switch back to your music program and add the sound file. AudioFinder transforms a simple directory into a sample CD.


  • Intuitive Design and Easy to Learn
  • Tweak Editor for fine tunning sounds.
  • Audio CD Sample Extractor
  • Full AudioUnit Plugin Support (processing and playback)
  • AudioUnit Presets menu
  • Plug-In Manager
  • Batch Processing
  • Create EXS Instruments with one click
  • ToneFinder reference tone generator
  • DelayFinder BPM/Note millisecond calculator
  • Convert to main PCM formats
  • Convert Bit Depth and Sample Rate
  • Convert to any iTunes supported formats
  • ReCycle playback
  • Export REX as AIFF
  • Waveform Overview with measure markers
  • Max Peak detection and display
  • Integration With Mac OS Finder (colors, comments and more...)
  • Drag and Drop support for quick playing
  • Playback history (never loose track of sounds)
  • MIDI keyboard input
  • Instant Sound Preview
  • Instant Pitch Control With Mini-Keyboard
  • Pitch Analyzer
  • Loop BPM Detection With Auto-rename
  • Scale loops to a specific BPM.
  • BPM Tap Pad
  • Tuning Fork for finding pitches
  • Fast Sound Scanning
  • Scan Sets
  • Advanced Sound Searching System
  • Regular Expression searching
  • Generate detailed reports for importing into spreadsheets and databases
  • Power File Renaming
  • Bookmarks and Navigation Tools
  • Tools For Helper Applications
  • Favorites Directory
  • Autopilot Play with Shuffle Mode
  • Play standard MIDI files through the build in DLS synth
  • Sysex Transmition to manage MIDI Sysex data
  • PCM File Format Conversion
  • AudioFinder supports the AAC, MP3, AIFF, AIFC, WAV, SD2, RX2, MIDI and SYX formats, the primary formats for all professional music software.
  • 32 Bit Floating Point DSP Utilities – Signal Processing menu
  • iPod support - can play and copy files from iPods
  • CoreAudio, AudioUnit and CoreGraphics based
  • G4 and G5 Optimized.