Network Event Viewer is a network wide event log monitoring and consolidation tool enabling Systems Administrators to monitor, manage, consolidate, filter, analyze and export Windows Event logs.

Windows Event Logs are downloaded from networked computers and saved locally or to SQL Server. Once downloaded, Systems Administrators can view, filter, sort, search, and mark multiple logs at the same time.

Views can be created and saved enabling Systems Administrators to configure a list of computers and logs to display with a single click of the mouse.

A Windows Service is installed which enables automatic event log consolidation, monitoring, alerting, exporting, syslog forwarding, archiving, scheduled executive reporting, remote event log clearing, and automatic configuration. The Windows Service enables all this to occur on a Windows desktop or server while users are logged off.

Notification methods and actions include:

* Detailed and PDA friendly email
* Saving entries to SQL Server
* Syslogging
* Saving entries to a CSV, XML, HTML, or TXT file

Schedule frequencies include:

* Every x minutes
* Every x hours optionally excluding a time range
* Daily
* Weekly
* Monthly

Network Event Viewer monitors Active Directory nodes and automatically configures new workstations and servers with unique templated configurations for each discovered log.

Logical grouping of configured computers enables easier management in large environments.

Key Features:

* Robust feature rich Windows event log viewer
* Quickly download and view multiple logs by navigating to each computer and selecting automatically discovered logs
* Consolidate and archive event logs to either a file server or SQL Server
* Active Directory support enables quick configuration of multiple servers or organizational units
* Automatically configures new Active Directory workstations and servers
* Specify complex filters & search criteria using simple or regular expressions
* Schedule the frequency to download, analyze, and optionally clear event logs
* Raise custom detailed and PDA friendly email alerts
* Export filtered event logs to user defined SQL Server tables or to one of the following file formats: CSV, HTML, TEXT, and XML
* Forward filtered event logs to your Syslog server
* Schedule automatic data mine algorithms to generate summary reports that can be emailed or exported to file.
* View and manage event log properties eliminating the need to manually connect to each server or workstation
* View entry data in hex, ASCII, or Unicode format
* Includes tray icon status
* No installation requirements on managed computers