PithHelmet blocks image, javascript, Flash ads and GIF animations. It can also collapse blocked content so that it is hidden from view.

It is fully customizable for a specific site or group of sites and contains a new advanced rule editor in addition to a custom Safari Prefrences pane.

PithHelmet is an extended site preferences and ad blocking plugin for Apple's Safari browser. The basic purpose of the plugin is to empower you the user to view the web as you like. You can block ad images, Flash, Shockwave or horrible midi loops - the world is your oyster.
This is just a series of hacks on top of Apple's WebKit framework, but it seems to work rather effectively.
Due to the manner in which PithHelmet blocks ad content, most types of advertising content can be caught in the filter - this includes images, javascript, css, text, iframes, popups and popunders.

What's New:

- compatible with Safari 2.0.4 (from the 10.4.7 update)