Videator is a powerful movie-making and video processing application that lets you instantly make movies with all sorts of effects from live video or existing movies.

Make and Edit movies - combine movies, images, text & paint!

Videator provides an intuitive and easy to use interface for Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger)'s Core Image and Core Video technologies, giving both home users and video professionals instant access to over 108 effects, transitions, and filters.

With Videator, users can layer movies, images, paint, music and text over video, as well as apply, modify, and re-order multiple effects to achieve subtle enhancements or astounding artistic results.


  • Make your own movies/Podcasts
  • Take snapshots * Make SlideShows
  • Realtime effects in live video/Movies
  • Edit existing movies non-destructively
  • Mix music/sounds/midi easily
  • Intuitive all-in-one interface
  • 100 native Effects and Filters
  • 9 custom Core Image Unit PlugIns
  • Automatically loads new PlugIns
  • Drop on effects from iMaginator
  • Choose effects Visually
  • Apply effects over time
  • Fade In and Fade Out effects
  • Drop In from iPhoto and iTunes
  • Paint and Erase in layers
  • Layer Text, Images and other Movies
  • Apply Effects via Menu or Library
  • Full screen Preview mode
  • Drag out images from Well
  • Save Effect Chains in Library
  • Save Images/Movies in Library
  • Save Effects as Favorites
  • Find Effects Fast
  • Unlimited Undo
  • Reads RAW images
  • Save as TIFF, JPG, PNG or Movie
  • Make Thumbnails of any size
  • Customize with Preferences
  • SpotLight plugIn
  • Searchable Help


  • Quartz Extreme (supported by most newer macs)
  • Nice to have an iSight or digital camera, but not required.

What's New:

  • 15 new effects added to make over 125 exciting effects
  • Drag Videator into iChat theater to send your whacked out video to friends!
  • Uses new QuickTime 7.2 (Tiger/Leopard) Capture classes:
  • Videator no longer "hogs" the video cameras * other apps and windows can open the same camera
  • More accurate recording
  • Multiple camera support:
  • Handles more camera types
  • HDV support if Final Cut Pro installed
  • Instantly switch camera inputs
  • Much faster recording session starts
  • Add Another Camera also lets you change camera inputs on the fly
  • Change sound input on the fly
  • See sound record levels visually
  • On Tiger, requires Software Update QuickTime 7.2 (free from from Apple)
  • New Tools -> Slide Editor...
  • reorder, add, insert or delete slides
  • change the duration time and the transition time of the selected slides
  • change the transition method (or even remove the transition) of the selected slides
  • Export Movies easily to iPhone and AppleTV as well as iPod and other formats
  • Effects -> Andrew's VJ Effects for a mandalic trance vision (it's sound wired so drop on a trance mp3 for maximal fun or just hum)
  • Cool new application icon by Joel Dabrowski
  • Many optimizations and bug fixes and supercharged for Leopard!
  • All new and improved 300 page searchable Help which you can download and print too!