You love your new digital camera but the file names are less than helpful. NtF! to the rescue! With NtF!, you just select a source folder and then you can rename all of the files contained therein with a more helpful name that optionally includes a prefix or suffix including the date, numbered counters, custom text, etc.

Your files can be renamed in sequential order by original name, creation or modification date, or even by size. Even better, you can change the case of your file names, search and replace text (included advanced GREP searches using PERL compatible regular expressions), trim text from the start or the end of the original name, change the file extensions (be careful with this—OS X utilizes those extensions to identify which application to use when opening the document), and even automatically sort the files into folders based on their creation date.

So now, instead of a bunch of files like “DSC42343201.JPG”, “DSC42343202.JPG”, and “DSC42343203.JPG”, you can easily have files named “2003-06-01 Cape Cod - 01.jpg”, “2003-06-01 Cape Cod - 02.jpg”, and “2003-06-01 Cape Cod - 03.jpg”. You could add a prefix with an album or artist name to your iTunes tracks, keep track of files uploaded to your server with a leading number based on the modification date, organize your HTML pages, desktop publishing files—anything really—to whatever naming convention makes the most sense for your needs.

Using the trim or search and replace tools, you can quickly rename your files over and over until you get them exactly the way you want. The options are endless and NtF! simply gives you the power to control your files by naming them intelligently to your specifications. NtF! also has a Profile feature that allows you to save all of your custom settings that control how files are renamed. No matter when you get around to naming them Name those Files! allows you to apply a consistent naming convention that can be used for all of your files.