Quero is a navigation bar replacement with an integrated ad blocker for Internet Explorer. Quero replaces the fixed address bar, search box and find on page dialog of IE7 by combining them into one address bar-like toolbar. Additionally, Quero includes an optional ad blocker to protect the user from intrusive Web advertising.

Key features:

* Customize IE7: resize/shorten your address bar again
* Search instantly from the address bar
* Ad & Flash blocker
* Quick Type & Find (supersedes the find dialog)
* Highlight search terms
* Cursor search
* Go to text URLs
* Paste and go
* Full page zoom
* Display favicons in taskbar
* IDN support with anti-spoofing techniques
* Quero respects your privacy (spyware & adware free, no auto-update)

What's New:

* 64-bit version for Vista x64 released (x64 installer includes both the 32- and 64-bit version of Quero)
* Ad blocker updated: Quero can now block various ad scripts from Google and other ad providers (more general option "Block ad scripts" replaces "Block ads by Google/IntelliTXT")
* Support for pasting multi-line URLs added: you can now paste URLs that are split into several lines (which often occurs in emails) into Quero
* Moved registry key in Windows Vista where Quero stores its settings from Internet registry to [HKCU\Software\AppDataLow\Software\Quero Toolbar]
* Fixed: crash after excessive surfing when the ad blocker was enabled; dragging long URLs with characters which are not allowed in Windows file names failed; Quero does not capture the keys F3/F2 if the search box is hidden any more