The Seam Carving GUI is a GUI front end to CAIR, which is an implementation of Arial Shamir's seam carving algorithm.

What's New:

  • Update to latest CAIR 2.17 with speed improvements (Brain_ReCall)
  • Update progress bars to use new CAIR callbacks. (Gabe)
  • Update to latest CAIR 2.15.1 (Brain_ReCall)
  • Added forward energy parameter (Brain_ReCall)
  • Progress bar for HD Quality (Brain_ReCall)
  • Retain/Remove/Clear Brush now scaled to zoom level (Brain_ReCall)
  • Upgraded to Qt 4.4.1 (Gabe)
  • Save/Load Mask as PNG (Gabe)
  • The Mask is saved/restored in undo/redo operations (Gabe)
  • Shortcuts changed to be platform specific (Gabe)