MoreAmp is an audio player that loads memory or a vdisk with many songs so the hard disk can spin down while playing them (saving batteries and reducing noise).

MoreAmp plays and makes ogg, flac, wav, aif, mp3, and aac files and plays audio CDs and mp2, m2a, wma, mp1, and m4a files. It has an easy-to use 31-band equalizer, variable pitch/tempo, repeat loop, and more.

__What's New:__

* Audio input and output device selection was added.
* The flac lib was updated to 1.3.0 (was 1.2.1).
* The portaudio lib was updated to pa_stable_v19_20140130.
* The SoundTouch effect now uses the lib soundtouch-1.8.0 as released.
* A "high quality" pitch/tempo/speed effect was added (libsbsms-2.0.2).
* Files with ".raw" extension can now be created and played (raw PCM 16-bit signed little-endian, 2-channel interlaced, 44100).
* VC6 is no longer supported, now only using VC++ Express 2008.
* MoreAmp version is not "Beta" anymore.
* Docs were updated.