Nvidia CUDA Toolkit for Mac and Linux 6.5.14

Latest Nvidia CUDA Toolkit.


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* C/C++ compiler
* Visual Profiler
* GPU-accelerated BLAS library
* GPU-accelerated FFT library
* GPU-accelerated Sparse Matrix library
* GPU-accelerated RNG library
* Additional tools and documentation


* Easier Application Porting
* Share GPUs across multiple threads
* Use all GPUs in the system concurrently from a single host thread
* No-copy pinning of system memory, a faster alternative to cudaMallocHost()
* C++ new/delete and support for virtual functions
* Support for inline PTX assembly
* Thrust library of templated performance primitives such as sort, reduce, etc.
* Nvidia Performance Primitives (NPP) library for image/video processing
* Layered Textures for working with same size/format textures at larger sizes and higher performance
* Faster Multi-GPU Programming
* Unified Virtual Addressing
* GPUDirect v2.0 support for Peer-to-Peer Communication
* New & Improved Developer Tools
* Automated Performance Analysis in Visual Profiler
* C++ debugging in CUDA-GDB for Linux and MacOS
* GPU binary disassembler for Fermi architecture (cuobjdump)
* [Parallel Nsight 2.0](http://developer.nvidia.com/nvidia-parallel-nsight) now available for Windows developers with new debugging and profiling features.

__What's New:__

* Nsight Eclipse Edition for Linux and Mac OS is an all-in-one development environment that allows developing, debugging, and optimizing CUDA code in an integrated UI environment.
* A new command-line profiler, nvprof, provides summary information about where applications spend the most time, so that optimization efforts can be properly focused.