With GDocsDrive, you can upload one or more folders (including subfolders) with just a simple drag and drop! What's more, the lengthy transferring process can be run quietly in the background without opening any webpages and interrupting your current work.

Back up all your files online with a simple drag and drop

As the most popular online document processing and sharing service, Google Docs can safely store and organize your data, share and collaborate in real time, as well as edit and access your files from anywhere. It is an ideal place for you to backup your precious data without worrying about hard disk corruption or any other kind of data loss.
Google Docs is an excellent service if you want to backup or share a small number of files. However, the moment you wish to upload a more complicated series of folders and subfolders, whether for a big project at work or for sharing with friends, you will certainly encounter frustration. Google Docs does not support folder uploading! In order to upload a normal folder with subfolders and files in it, you need to create each folder manually and upload the files to the correct folders. For large folders with multiple subfolders, the job is tedious and even impossible.
GDocsDrive comes to the rescue! With GDocsDrive, you can upload any files/folders with just one drag and drop. Simple, quiet, and convenient, GDocsDrives virtually makes Google Docs like another drive on your computer.

Manipulate your Google Docs files with GDocsDrive

GDocsDrive displays your Google Docs on your desktop and makes your online Google Docs like a local drive. With GDocsDrive, Google Docs becomes more convenient and simple to use. You can open and edit your online files, share files or photos with your friends, convert your local or online files to other formats, search for files or content with ease, all from GDocsDrive.

Fully utilize Google Storage

oogle offers 1GB of free storage space for any type of file. Users can also buy additional space, up to 16TB, at an affordable rate of $5 for 20GB per year. This may be the most economical and reliable online storage available. Consider backing up your entire computer to Google storage without worrying about flash drives, burning your data to discs, or hard drive failure. GDocsDrive makes Google Docs convenient enough to use for all your storage needs.

File format converting is easy

Looking for a tool to convert your Microsoft word file to a PDF file? Or convert a Microsoft spreadsheet to an Open Document format? You do not need to install many different tools to do this anymore. Google Docs is a powerful service that is able to convert files to many different formats. Based on this useful service, GDocsDrive can easily do all these conversions with several clicks.

Share just the way you want

GDocsDrive makes sharing easy. Upload and share documents, photos, and files with the people you choose - individual people, Google groups and domains. You can keep it private or publish it on Buzz, Facebook and Twitter. It also has permission settings that allow people to view your files but not edit or delete them.

Access your files from anywhere.

You may need a file that you stored at your work computer in the office, or perhaps a shared spreadsheet that you were working on with your colleagues. With GDocsDrive, you can upload any files to Google Docs and can access them from anywhere, with any device, provided it has a web browser on it.

Other Functions

Many other functions of Google Docs, such as editing and collaborating online, searching the name or contents of a file, renaming and deleting files are also supported by GDocsDrive.