HWiNFO is an all-in-one solution for hardware analysis and monitoring supporting a broad range of OSes (DOS, Microsoft Windows 95 - Windows 11, WinPE) and platforms (i8086 - Xeon Platinum).

Is HWiNFO CPU and GPU temperature accurate?

Yes, HWiNFO data is reliable and accurate and will inform you about everything it possibly can about your computer. The information is split in 3 windows: a system summary, a full report, and active sensor readings.

Can HWiNFO control fans?

Technically, yes, HWiNFO shows you real-time data on hardware components and allows you to manually control fan speeds. However, you must use this feature carefully. HWiNFO was primarily designed to show system information. If you're looking to control CPU and GPU fan speeds you should take a look at SpeedFan or FanControl, which are specialized tools, both are free and have been tested extensively.

Is HWiNFO compatible with Windows 7?

Yes, HWiNFO is compatible with Windows 7. Depending on your OS, you should choose the corresponding HWiNFO version. HWiNFO32 is compatible with Windows 95 32-bit and later, HWiNFO64 is compatible with Windows XP 64-bit and later. There is also a DOS compatible version.

What are good alternatives to HWiNFO?

Two solid alternatives are Speccy and Open Hardware Monitor, which are also free and easy to use. You should also check out our feature about apps to analyze and monitor your PC.


Comprehensive Hardware Information

Exhausting information about hardware components displayed in hierarchy unfolding into deep details. Useful for obtaining a detailed hardware inventory report or checking of various hardware-related parameters.

System Health Monitoring

Real-time monitoring of a variety of system and hardware parameters covering CPUs, GPUs, mainboards, drives, peripherals, etc. Useful for detection of overheating, overload, performance loss or failure prediction.

Extensive Reporting

Full hardware hierarchy, or quick summary overview. Export into XML, CSV, HTML reports. System monitoring in customizable tables, graphs, tray icons, OSD.

Alerting and Extensions

Customizable alerts on any parameter monitored with user-defined actions. Interfacing with other applications and 3rd-party extensions.

What's New

HWINFO 7.63.5205

  • Integrated PresentMon for FPS, Frame Time and GPU Busy monitoring.
  • Enhanced fan speed monitoring on some ASUS notebooks.


  • This feature is currently in Beta stage, so some issues or adjustments are expected.
  • PresentMon is fully integrated into HWiNFO64, so there are no additional prerequisites required (e.g., no need to install Intel PresentMon or its SDK).
  • Statistics data are shown under a new sensor.
  • Integration into HWiNFO32 is currently not planned due to certain restrictions in legacy 32-bit applications.
  • PresentMon constantly captures and analyses a large amount of data for each process (and its swap chain) that performs graphics output via interfaces like D3D9 or DXGI.
  • Since each process/swap chain has its own metrics, the application needs to focus only on the "main" one. HWiNFO by default reports metrics belonging to the process with the highest frame rate.
  • It's possible to specify a specific process to be monitored using the "-pm_proc_name=" command-line argument.
  • The evaluation of frame data requires keeping statistics for the last-n frames and performing constant calculations (averaging, etc.), which can have some impact on performance.
  • To minimise the performance and memory footprint impact of frame evaluation, HWiNFO currently keeps a fixed amount of last n-frames.
  • The metrics reported are calculated as an average of last-n statistics data over a certain time window. A too small window means less math but also less accuracy due to less samples being averaged, a too large window might not properly reflect variable rates.
  • The evaluation time window is currently fixed to a reasonable value. It is planned to allow users to use a custom time window, but matching it with the main polling sensors period might be undesirable.
  • This feature can be disabled via the main settings.