The Microsoft Download Manager enables you to download files simply and easily. It also makes downloading large files such as application and multimedia files quick and reliable. It was specifically designed to help users manage file downloads from supporting Microsoft Web sites. Once started, the Microsoft Download Manager's easy-to-use interface displays the status of downloads and enables you to suspend active downloads or resume downloads that have failed.

System requirements:

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Vista Service Pack 2, Windows XP Service Pack 3

The Microsoft Download Manager has specific system requirements in order for it to operate normally. See below for a list of Operating System and Web browser requirements.The Microsoft Download Manager requires one of the following operating systems:Windows© XP with Service Pack 3 Windows Vista© with Service Pack 2 Windows 7 Windows Server© 2008 R2 The Microsoft Download Manager supports the following Web browsers: Windows© Internet Explorer© 6 Internet Explorer 7 Internet Explorer 8 Internet Explorer 9 Mozilla© Firefox© 3.6


The installation of Microsoft Download Manager requires administrative access to your computer. You may also be asked to close all open browser windows during the installation.If you use Internet Explorer and visit a Microsoft Web site that supports the Microsoft Download Manager, the install should happen automatically, although you may be asked to install the Microsoft Download Manager ActiveX control depending on your Internet security settings. If prompted to do so, select to install the ActiveX control.If you have been unable to automatically install the Microsoft Download Manager or you use Mozilla Firefox, you can manually install it.To manually install the Microsoft Download Manager, do the following:On the Microsoft Download Manager download Web page, click Download to start the download.Click Run to start the installation immediately.Follow the instructions in the Microsoft Download Manager Setup wizard to complete the installation.Click Save to copy the download to your computer for installation at a later time.To start the installation, double-click the download file (MSDownloadManager.msi) and follow the instruction in the Microsoft Download Manager Setup wizard.