Do you want secure web browsing? SecuBrowser is for you!

Did you hear all these stories about phishing, man-in-the-middle attacks on homebanking and such, or worse, did even experience such an attack by yourself? This must no longer be a threat to you - SecuBrowser for secure web browsing is there - the software for web browser protection!

What does SecuBrowser for secure web browsing do?

Surfing the internet an adware installed itself on my computer, a Windows 7 PC. Always when I entered a web address into my browser like a different webpage with ads and a link to continue to google was displayed. Thanks to using SecuBrowser for secure web browsing I easily got rid of the adware by deleting the directory 'C:\sbox\my login name' and restarting the web browser.

My wife once was searching the internet for hotel and appartment advisory and a virus or trojan infected our computer. Nothing worked anymore and we had to reboot. Then I deleted the directory 'C:\sbox\my wife's login name' and easily removed the malware this way. Starting SecuBrowser for secure web browsing we could safely surf the internet again.

All you have to do when encountering a virus or trojan is stopping your web browser, deleting the directory 'C:\sbox\your login name' and restarting your browser using SecuBrowser again. In rare cases you need to reboot your PC before deleting the directory 'C:\sbox\your login name'.

Threats surfing the internet and the sandbox solution:

SecuBrowser is no typical antivirus software. It does not remove viruses which infected your PC. Rather it prevents the infection by creating a virtual sandbox in which your browser runs. There are various threats when surfing the internet like viruses, trojans, man in the middle attacks on homebanking and other malware. This must no longer be a threat to you: SecuBrowser creates a virtual environment in which your web browser runs. This saves the files on your hard disk from getting infected. SecuBrowser offers protection from malware from the internet. Using SecuBrowser - the difference

Without a virtual sandbox applications can modify various locations on your hard disk. Using SecuBrowser the write access is limited to a special directory and to the "Downloads" directory.

Using SecuBrowser the virtual environment directs Windows file system and directory access for modifications to a descrete location on your hard disk, which is the "Downloads" directory and C:\sbox by default. All file system write access and directory write access is done in the sandbox.