Here you just run it and then forget about it. The player is running in background. Switching tracks, volume control, loading and saving playlists, all of this performed by using hotkeys. Therefore, you can control the player while working in any application.

Meson Player supports a lot of music file formats (stream and tracker), Internet radio and playlists management.


  • No GUI (except a tray popup menu, but you can hide the tray icon as well)
  • Controlled by global hotkeys
  • Lots of supported lossy/lossless/tracker music formats
  • Can play Internet radio
  • Supports CUE sheets and playlists
  • Can control system audio volume
  • A big variety of options allows to change the app's behavior and appearance

What's New:

  • added: use "NumPad 1" and "NumPad 3" to control the system volume (there's also a corresponding parameter mvol-step)
  • added: app commands (see "App commands" section in README)
  • added: new option tray-icon (to hide a tray icon)
  • added: you now can customize key modifiers (see "Customizing keyboard modifiers" section in README)
  • added: new popup menu item "Close the File" to stop and close a current file (only visible if close-on-stop=false)
  • added: russian localization
  • added: x64 version for Windows
  • removed: shift-mm-keys and shift-num-keys
  • removed: [*] from all tips (random playback indicator)
  • removed: auto-numlock option for Linux
  • changed: the file is now closed if you stop a playback (also, there's a new option: close-on-stop)
  • fixed: the app crashes when an initialization fails
  • fixed: tooltip text is truncated on Windows
  • fixed: "&" symbols are truncated from a tooltip text on Windows
  • note: the app has moved to Qt5
  • note for devs: building the app with MinGW32 is not possible now, use MinGW64 to build Meson Player on Windows