• Twin-Panel File Manager with Movies Thumbnail (thumbnails creation place)
  • Play Table with Movies Thumbnail (that can be saved to a file and reloaded)
  • Simple front-end to MPlayer and ffplay
  • File Operations Dialog (Rename/Copy/Move/Simlink) with Movie Thumbnail
  • File Properties Dialog (file properties, Audio and Video format, file permission)
  • File Extension Associations Dialog (icons, Mime-Types, commands)
  • Theme Selection Dialog (15 themes are available)
  • Language Selection Dialog (EN, IT, FR, DE, ES, RU, CN, JP, Custom)
  • Thumbnails Customization Dialog (for libffmpegthumbnailer only)
  • FXArchive: simple front-end to comand-line archive utilities
  • FXScanVirus: simple front-end to libclamav
  • Detailed Movie Information dialog (movie codec information) with Movie Thumbnail
  • File Search Engine with matching file selection Dialog

What's New:


  • System audio volume can now be set and then changed during playback for the internal SDL player by using amixer (if present): in line with mplayer functions [key 9] will decrease the alsa PCM volume while [key 0] will increase it (by an amount of 5%)
  • The code has been adapted to use last versions of FOX-1.7 (>=1.7.47)
  • A menubar to enable almost full keyboard control has been added
  • A new theme (Water) has been added
  • For the internal SDL player, the video screen resize functions using keys o(original size), v(vertical increase), h(horizontal increase), b(bigger size ), g(smaller size) have been changed and now relay on SDL, keys c(vertical decrease), j(horizontal decrease) have been added, the selected videoclips can now be played consecutively and without any interruption after giving confirmation: for each videoclip, or for each selected list of videoclips, or forever until program closure.
  • The help dialog and the manual page (fxmoviemanager.1) have been updated.


  • A compilation issue due to the progressBar update during the Copy command for FOX-1.6 has been fixed;


  • Fixed the customized directories icons have been restored.