We've done our best to create something that we hope will be fun to experiment, build and play with while also introducing players to the fascinating and (in the context of the macro-world we inhabit) counterintuitive way that quantum entities interact.

qCraft is not a simulation of quantum physics (this is v1 after all) but it does provide 'analogies' that attempt to show how quantum behaviors are different from everyday experience.

In addition to individual players, we hope that parents and educators who want to introduce quantum physics concepts to curious kids will find it useful.

qCraft is included in the latest versions of several popular modpacks, including: FTB Unleashed, Tekkit, and Hexxit.

To install the qCraft mod, you will need an Internet connection, an up-to-date version of the Minecraft installer, version 1.5.2 of the Minecraft Forge installer and the qCraft mod. Sorry, but qCraft does not work with demo versions of Minecraft. This tutorial also assumes that you have Java installed and are running Windows 7.

Install instructions:

If you already have Minecraft installed, skip ahead to step #7. If you already have Minecraft 1.5.2 installed, go to step #16. If you already have Minecraft 1.5.2 installed and the proper Forge installation for Minecraft 1.5.2, go to step #27.

  1. To download Minecraft, go here. If given the option, save the file.
  2. Run the "Minecraft.exe" file. If using Google Chrome, so I hit "Ctrl + J" to open up the "Downloads" tab and click on "Minecraft.exe."
  3. When you click on "Minecraft.exe" you might get this scary looking security warning. Click on "Run."
  4. After clicking on "Run", you'll see this screen. Minecraft is working its magic, so just let it do its thing.
  5. When Minecraft is finished installing, this window will appear.
  6. Go ahead and sign in.
  7. Upon successful sign in, this is what you will see. Notice in the lower right it says that you are ready to play "Minecraft 1.6.4." qCraft isn't compatible with 1.6.4, so we will need to install Minecraft 1.5.2.
  8. To install Minecraft 1.5.2, click on "New Profile" in the lower left corner.
  9. After clicking on "New Profile", go to "Profile Name" and give your new profile a name. Next, go to the "Use Version" drop down menu. Because we want to use version 1.5.2, click on "Release 1.5.2. Click "Save Profile" in the lower right to exit the "Profile Editor."
  10. Next, make sure the profile in the lower left is set to version 1.5.2. If it isn't, use the drop down menu to select it.
  11. Hit the big "Play" button in the bottom center of the screen. You might see a green loading bar.
  12. If you did everything correctly, you'll see the Minecraft main game screen. In the lower left, you will see "Minecraft 1.5.2."
  13. Quit Minecraft.
  14. At this point, we highly recommend creating a desktop shortcut to the Minecraft.exe file if you haven't already.
  15. Download Minecraft Forge 1.5.2. First, go here.
  16. Scroll down to the "Recommended- 1.5.2" file. You'll see it near the top of the screen.
  17. On the right side, under downloads, you'll see several options. Click the Installer link.
  18. After you click the installer, this what you will see. DON'T CLICK THE BIG GREEN DOWNLOAD BUTTON. It looks tantalizing, but don't do it! In the upper right, you'll see a countdown timer. Wait for it to finish its countdown and it will be replaced with a "Skip Ad" button. Click it.
  19. After clicking the "Skip Ad" button, your computer might give you a "This type of file can harm your computer. Do you want to keep..." warning. Click "Keep."
  20. After clicking "Keep," open the file. On Google Chrome, hit "Ctrl + J" to open up the "Downloads" tab and click on the "minecraftforge-installer-1.5.2" file.
  21. After clicking on the "minecraftforge-installer" file, this is what you will see. It should default to "Install client." Double check that "Install client" is selected and then hit the "OK" button.
  22. Two things will happen. First, you will see a screen telling you that it is "Downloading libraries." Second, you will see a "Complete" screen with a "Successfully installed..." message.
  23. Open Minecraft.exe. If you didn't already create a desktop shortcut, open up your Windows Start menu, use the "Search programs and files" bar and type in "Minecraft." As before, you might get a security warning. Go ahead and click "Run." It might also ask you to login. If prompted, please sign in.
  24. Go to the "Profile" drop down menu in the lower left. You should see a new option called "Forge." Go ahead and select it.
  25. Click the big "Play" button in the center-bottom of the Minecraft Launcher. This screen might pop up.
  26. In the main game screen, it'll no longer simply say "Minecraft 1.5.2" in the lower left. This is a sign that Forge was successfully installed! Quit Minecraft.
  27. The last thing we need to do is to install the qCraft mod. If you've made it this far, this step will be a piece of cake! First, do you have the qCraft mod? If not, go to download button above. It will download as .zip file. DO NOT UNZIP THE FILE.
  28. Next, open the Windows start menu. In the "Search programs and files" bar, type in "%appdata%" and hit the "enter" key on your keyboard.
  29. This should open up a window. In this new window, you will see a ".minecraft" folder. Open it.
  30. Upon opening the ".minecraft" folder, you will see another series of folders and files. Find the "mods" folder and open it. Copy the qcraft .zip file into the "mods" folder. DO NOT unzip the qcraft .zip file.
  31. Run the Minecraft.exe file. As before, if a security warning comes up, hit "Run." If it prompts you to log in, please do. In the lower left, make sure that "Forge" is selected in the "Profile" drop down menu. Hit the big "Play" button.
  32. The main game screen has loaded, but let's double check that the qCraft mod is active and working. First, click the "Mods" button.
  33. In the "Mods" screen, you'll see that "qCraft" is loaded and active!
  34. Hit "Done" to get back to the main game screen. The qCraft mod has successfully been installed.


qCraft requires a licensed copy of Minecraft (version 1.5.2), available from Mojang, and the Minecraft Forge mod loader (also for Minecraft 1.5.2).

What's New:

  • Added a configuration switch to allow users to disable creation of quantum ore during world generation (see next item). Generation is still set to on by default.
  • Added a configuration switch to allow users to enable a crafting recipe for quantum dust (made by combing redstone and lime green dye). Set to off by default. If generation of quantum ore is set to false per previous item, this setting should be set to on, otherwise there is no path for users to get quantum dust, which is require for crafting all the quantum goodies.
  • Modified crafting recipe for EBs to eliminate an exploit that allowed crafty players to use EBs to get expensive resources cheaply. See updated documentation.
  • If an EB/ODB/QB is mined with a pickaxe with the silk touch enchantment, it will drop the original qBlock, not the standard block it was presently resolved to.