You can protect photos, videos, audios documents and texts directly on your mobile and keep control of any existing copies wherever they might be (in the cloud, in other phones, computers or storage devices). If you regret having sent a document or photo you can take away access in an instant.

It's free and very easy to use, you just have to download the application and create an account. You can also invite others to use Prot-On to protect their privacy.

Track document use

See who has done what with your file and change permissions whenever you want.

At any time you can check the activity log to see who has been accessing any copy of your document, and change permissions remotely even after the file have been distributed.

Control access

Decide who, when and how someone can access the protected file.

Every time users try to open the protected document Prot-On will check if they are authorized to do so and what type of access they have.

Protect your file

Protect your documents, texts, videos, audios or photos.

All copies of the document will be protected with strong encryption regardless of where they are stored. Prot-On does not store files, just the encryption keys and permissions.

More Features:

  • Share your files safely and change permissions to access the files at any time, even after the files have been distributed.
  • Encrypt your photos and assign permissions to allow users to see the photos only during periods of time that you decide.
  • Allows you to consult the activity against the photo or document you have protected ( who and when can access your file )
  • Protect all types of files including photos, Office or PDF documents, and texts for e-mails, blog posts or SMS messages*.
  • Free service for private use with a very simple and intuitive way to manage permissions
  • Prot-On does not save your document, Prot-On only stores the keys and permission rights
  • Runs on multiple devices including Android, iPhone, Mac, Windows, ...
  • Note: Prot-On will ask for permissions prior to protecting an SMS message.

Use it within your company:

  • Track document activity and manage permissions for users inside and outside your organization
  • Create work groups
  • Prevent information leaks by disgruntled employees or third parties
  • Makes it easy to comply with data protection laws
  • Take advantage of cloud based services (Dropbox, Gmail...) but in a safer way

What's New:

  • Video and audio files protection.
  • Improvements in PDF viewer.
  • Redesign of the user interface.
  • Bugs fixed.