Find bookmarks with fast free-text searching and filtering. Store logins (encrypted) and fill out login forms with one keystroke. Keep notes. Schedule one-off or regular visits. Find and remove duplicates. Validate bookmarks. Encrypt bookmark collections. Use any web browser. Export or print bookmarks in virtually any format.

Finding bookmarks

  • Three clicks: category, subcategory, bookmark
  • Fast full-text search with options to restrict which fields are searched; whether matches are case-sensitive; whether whole or partial word matches are sought
  • Filter searches by rating, date and site status
  • Refine searches (search within previous search results)
  • SmartFolders: automatically maintained aliases to recently visited, recently added, frequently visited, scheduled to visit, and user-selected favorite bookmarks
  • Schedule one-off or regular visits to bookmarked sites or documents

Organizing bookmarks

  • Add, edit, sort and delete items using intuitive 3-panel interface
  • File bookmarks in multiple folders using aliasing
  • Add separators (optionally with text) to visually subdivide folders and bookmarks
  • Move items around using 'drag and drop' and 'mark and move'
  • Find and delete duplicates
  • Check status of (validate) web site bookmarks in the background

Bookmark collections

  • Each collection can contain up to 60,000 items (bookmarks, folders, aliases and separators)
  • Protect site passwords stored in a bookmark collection using 128-bit Blowfish encryption and a single password
  • Protect entire bookmark collections using 128-bit Blowfish encryption.
  • Instantly switch between bookmark collections
  • Move or copy bookmarks between collections
  • Export bookmarks to a printable document, web page, spreadsheet, or any other text format using the template-based export facility
  • Automatically maintain three-stage backup of each collection
  • Manually backup using 'Save copy'
  • Readily share bookmark collections

Web browser functionality

  • Open URL in any configured browser, in a new window or (where supported by browser) the frontmost window
  • Fetch URL from any configured browser
  • QuickLogin: Fill in most log-in pages and windows with a single mouse click
  • QuickSearch: enter search terms before loading a web page
  • Work with multiple web browsers simultaneously
  • Import and export Internet Explorer favorites
  • Import and export Netscape, Mozilla & Firefox bookmarks

Import and export MSN favorites

  • Import and export Opera hotlists
  • Import AOL and CompuServe 2000 Favorite Places
  • Drag and drop bookmarks to and from any web browser.
  • COM and DDE support for inter-application communication (implemented by Internet Explorer, Netscape and Opera; largely supported by Netscape 7, Mozilla and Firefox; partially supported by some other browsers)
  • Specify a particular browser for any bookmark

Windows functionality

  • Import and export Start Menu shortcuts
  • Open programs, folders and documents
  • Open the containing folder of a program or document
  • Open folder in 'My Computer' or Windows Explorer-style window
  • Use wildcards in document path names: ? (single character) and * (any number of characters)
  • Drag and drop bookmarks to and from any document (e.g. e-mail message)
  • Copy bookmarks in a variety of text and HTML formats
  • QuickLogin: Fill in most log-in windows with a single mouse click
  • Types of bookmarks that may be stored
  • Internet bookmarks/favorites/favourites/addresses/URLs
  • E-mail addresses
  • Newsgroup addresses
  • Application/program, document and folder shortcuts

Metadata stored with each bookmark

  • Notes
  • Site log-in name and password
  • Keywords
  • Rating
  • Times of: addition to collection, last visit, previous-to-last visit, next scheduled visit, last site update, last site check, last modification to bookmark
  • Number of visits

High usability interface

  • Alternative interfaces: 'Regular', 'Organize', 'Compact' and 'List View'
  • Optional use of Windows Tool Tray
  • Full support for keyboard shortcuts and Hot Keys
  • User-selectable font face and size for main window
  • Optional 'flat' style controls with improved usability
  • User-definable color scheme


  • Loads in a snap and uses minimal disk space, memory and resources
  • Includes comprehensive integrated help notes
  • Compatible with Windows 95 and later

What's New:

This update includes minor tweaks and bug fixes. It is a recommended update from v.3.9.0, which can produce spurious 'list file corrupted' messages.