With India's newest generation comes new needs. Long gone are the days of arranged marriages. Perfect Solution: Mobile Dating Made for India : Waltzz - Real Relationships for Keeps. Browse, Match, Chat, Date.

We believe in mobile matchmaking with all our hearts. Nothing would make us happier than if your Waltzz experience led you to a long-term, meaningful relationship. And for that reason we want to offer anything and everything to help you find the perfect date, match or perhaps even love.

We Understand You. The Modern You.

You need something in between a matrimony profile and a hookup gaming app. What you need is something easy, not unnatural or complicated. Leave those online dating sites and join us with smartphone-only dating. Enjoy our mobile dating app made specifically for India.

Invite Only. For Men.

To create a safe and secure platform, we want the women to help us to invite our male waltzzers. Men - we love you as much as the woman - but we put woman's safety on a pedestal. So ladies invite your friends and share those lucky men with others on Waltzz's mobile dating app.

The Details You Need and Want.

We understand for a potentially long-term relationship or a meaningful dating experience, personality and interests matter as much as religion. We may not be a matrimony site but we still want to give you the details which interest you most. What is the point of going on a date if the basics don't match?

Security Through Validation.

Our Facebook, email authentication, linkedin, phone number and manual verification is just the start. We understand the specific challenges of India's dating scene. Our coming soon security enhancements will blow you away.

We believe our mobile dating app is the need of the hour. We look forward to working tirelessly to deliver you the features that will delight you and hopefully turn your dating experiences into a long lived romance and love.