Managing passwords is simple and intuitive with Keeper. Keeper generates strong passwords, auto-fills passwords across your apps and sites with KeeperFill and organizes passwords on all platforms and devices.

Is Keeper trustworthy?

Yes, Keeper is a well known and safe security application. This password manager allows you to encrypt your passwords and other sensitive data using AES-256 at rest and at transit. For better privacy, you can use two-factor authentication to unlock your vault.

Does Keeper save the database in the cloud?

Keeper saves and encrypts a copy of your vault on your local computer first, then this data is sent to Keeper's servers, so you can access it from other devices.

Can I access Keeper from an Android or iOS phone?

Yes, Keeper includes native apps for desktop and mobile operating systems. You can sync, access your vault and store passwords on an unlimited number of devices.

Is Keeper free?

Keeper includes a 14-day trial, after that a Keeper plan must be purchased in order to continue using it.

Which are the best Keeper alternatives?

Bitwarden and KeePass are great free and open-source password managers. Dashlane and 1Password offer similar plans as Keeper with unlimited device access.


Impenetrable Security for Your Passwords and Digital Assets

We are fanatical about protecting your information. Keeper utilizes world-class security to safeguard your information from hackers and cyber criminals.

Secure, Effortless File Storage and Sharing

Individuals and businesses have sensitive documents and files, which in the wrong hands can cause irreparable harm to reputation and brand. With Keeper's Cloud Security Vault, you can securely store, manage and share your digital assets.

Rapid Time-To-Security

Security solutions are only effective if they are easy to install, use and maintain. Keeper is intuitive and simple to deploy. Businesses can centrally manage user access and enforce security policies.

What's New

  • Enhanced Administration: Keeper provides configurable roles, role-based permissions and admin privileges all assignable by specific organizational hierarchy such as subsidiary, division, department or group. Organizations can decentralize administration with delegated admin capabilities.
  • Team Folders: To allow sharing of passwords and confidential files between teams, Keeper's latest release provides the ability to create, share and manage encrypted team folders.
  • Account Offboarding: Keeper supports the ability to quickly offboard user accounts and securely transfer company assets to admins, managers or other users.
  • Multi-Account Switching: Keeper allows users to quickly switch between multiple accounts to keep their business and personal digital vaults separate.
  • Duo Two-Factor Authentication: Keeper expands its two-factor authentication methods with the integration of Duo Security, an industry leader.