FinalCrypt has a modern graphical user interface with audiovisual user-guidance and a fully featured (command line interface) suited for home and professional use. Encrypt up to 4 billion files in one go. No need to encrypt files one by one, supporting unlimited file size. Select multiple files and directories and encrypt or decrypt.

Disk-Encryption doesn't protect against intruded virusses, spyware, malware or hackers. Only File-Encryption does. Most encryption software uses recently broken AES. The Shor's Algorithm will instantly break all asymmetric encryption with Quantum Computers. FinalCrypt is Free, Non-Profit, One-Time Pad File Encryption.


FinalCrypt keys are FIPS140-2 & RFC1750 compliant and can be generated in unlimited file sizes. FinalCrypt keys aren't recognizable and have no fixed location to prevent detection by key harvesting / malware. An optional password blocks stolen keys from decrypting.


All FinalCrypt releases are uploaded to VirusTotal to scan for malicious software at 70 anti-virus companies. FinalCrypt is guaranteed free of spyware or malware. We want you to feel absolutely confident about our software.


FinalCrypt is Non-Profit. Free and Open Source Code. Creative Commons License.

Installation Manual can be found here.

What's New:

  • Improved minimum window size for smaller screens