With EVE Online experience space exploration, immense PvP and PvE battles and a thriving player economy in an ever-expanding sandbox.

Participate in many in-game professions and activities, including war, politics, piracy, trading, and exploration, across 7,000 star systems with hundreds of thousands of other players.

New Space, New Enemy

Explore the mysterious new regions of Abyssal Deadspace where the formidable Triglavian race reside! Fly solo or co-op into hazardous environments, taking on the Triglavians or other players for the chance to score amazing new tech and rewards.

New Ships, New Weapons

Build and fly the impressive new Triglavian ships armed with powerful, unique weapons that use newly-discovered technology! Take a chance and upgrade your best modules with Mutaplasmids found in Abyssal Deadspace.

Your First steps in EVE Online?

Creating your character is an immersive experience resulting in many diverse combinations of Capsuleer. Enjoy the depth of EVE's legendary character creator and make an informed choice about your initial Empire. Your character's race and bloodline are based on your aesthetic preferences and will not have a large bearing on how your story unfolds in EVE, as every character has the potential to train all skills.

Returning to EVE Online?

Welcome back, Capsuleer! Return today and continue your adventure with new space, ships and gameplay during the most thrilling chapter of EVE's history.

EVE Online's Quadrant 3 is called "Zenith", and its arrival sees the seismic reshaping of New Eden come to pass! The final chapter of the invasion story arc will come to an end as the Triglavians' plans approach their climactic conclusion, and Capsuleers will have a huge part to play in the star-spanning consequences of that reshaping.

The Eclipse Quadrant was an incredible journey through events, celebrations, login campaigns, huge visual updates and balance changes, as well as the introduction of new and exciting ships, culminating in the final chapter of the Invasion expansion.

The Zenith Quadrant will now ramp it all up and kick off with a big update to the Abyssal Proving Grounds feature, and the introduction of new Proving Filaments to New Eden. The Proving Filaments will take Capsuleers from any point in space, directly to an Abyssal Proving Ground inside Abyssal Deadspace where they will engage in PvP combat! Different combat formats, specific ship classes, new leaderboards and new Triglavian-themed settings will all ensure an explosive start to the Quadrant!

Keep your eyes peeled for even more news on what's coming during the Zenith Quadrant over the following weeks, including visual updates, meta changes, login campaigns, events and more.

What's New

EVE's 20th anniversary mosaic image – and video – are now live, so a huge thank you to all capsuleers who participated! The mosaic is a tribute to you, the EVE community, the characters you have created, the stories you have lived, and the bonds you have built that form the fabric of New Eden. Be sure to check out the exact location where your contribution to New Eden's storied history can be found on this tapestry of the finest immortals.

EVE's 20th anniversary extended Capsuleer Day event starts today and will run until 30 May! The event is brimming with challenges and great rewards such as anniversary-themed items, exclusive SKINs obtainable only via this event, a new ship, and more!

Align with the Guri Malakim pirate cooperative, or the SoCT, then take on hacking and combat sites across all security space. The sites can reward you with new boosters, Glamourex boosters, new Capsuleer Day XX SKINs on Guristas, Angel Cartel, and SoCT ships, as well as Genolution implants. In addition, PvP loot drops will increase from 50% to 75% for the duration of the event!

Making Capsuleer Day even more essential are the rewards you get by logging in daily, with Omega pilots able to claim a new SOCT ship as well as existing ones, over half a million Skill Points, thousands of EverMarks, and awesome boosters on top of the Alpha rewards, which include special boosters, Capsuleer Day XX fireworks, plus more special Capsuleer Day XX SKINs. If you upgrade to Omega after the event has begun, you can retroactively claim the previous Omega rewards.