UniTest System is a comprehensive testing solution that allows you to design, manage and process your own tests. This application can be used on a local computer for testing one person, or perform simultaneous testing of thousands of people over the network. UniTest System is a complete solution...it does everything from designing tests to analyzing and reporting test results.

UniTest System's test editor module allows you to create any type of test questions - multiple choice, multiple answer, matching, and so on. Besides checking simple "fill in the blank" questions, it can check for the presence of certain keywords in student's answers (as in "What is bacteria?" - microorganism +1, prokaryote +2, single-celled +1). The program supports multimedia files (audio, video, images) which can be integrated by simply dragging and dropping, and allows external applications to be used (for example, AutoCAD or Lotus Notes). UniTest System editor module can even create tests on its own by randomly selecting questions from a database, based on the administrator's settings.

Importantly, UniTest System offers strong encryption options rather then simple password protection, which can be easily bypassed. There is a compression option for tests and their results.

UniTest System's reporting module comes with default templates but can also produce custom test reports according to parameters selected. The results can be filtered and sorted, merged, divided or arranged in any other manner. The program can also be used to track student's improvement and to analyze the test questions difficulty level, among other things. All data can be easily transferred from one location to another via a CD or by other means, so that testing or results processing can be set up virtually anywhere in a matter of minutes.

UniTest System is the perfect solution for testing, remote learning, pre-employment screening, assessment, certification and more.

What's New:

  • You can now create your own pen-and-paper tests (generate and print a pen-and-paper test);
  • Create and print any custom quick test results report. You can define any report and print it just after a test;
  • Create any question introduction and explanation materials;
  • Support for fill-in-the-blank questions added. Now you can use simple questions (including weighted questions), ordered or not sets, associations, and fill-in-the-blank questions for your tests;
  • Add any description or notes for your tests (description is shown before the test) and questions (description is shown before the question);
  • "Format as Previous" command added in the Editor. Now you can customize the appearance of your tests easily;
  • Now you can import tests from text documents or plain text files in a second;
  • Training mode added. You can customize test to show if answer is correct/incorrect, show (or not to show) the correct answer, etc.
  • Add any description or notes for your tests (description is shown before testing);
  • Easy selection of any test within the given directory and subdirectories;
  • You can forbid user to bypass questions in the test;
  • You can disable "Restart" button to avoid user to pass the test twice;
  • Set test to ask question until it is answered correctly (question is passed only when user gives the correct answer);
  • Show/Hide any test results information (earned points, correct answers, mistakes, and mark);
  • Now it is possible to customize some additional Socket connection settings;
  • Support for changing and adding additional ports for the Socket connection;
  • Server side request procession algorithms improved;
  • Test file format improved (completely compatible with the old format);
  • Floating UniTest Starter window is added. Now you can start any program of the UniTest System package even easier and faster;
  • More powerful and comfortable internal rich text editor;
  • Interface improvements in the UniTest Starter, Editor, Test and Monitor.