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TracePlus Winsock 9.02.000

TracePlus®/Winsock is a powerful application-level performance and diagnostic tool for Win32 platforms. Learn what's new on this latest version.

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More about TracePlus Winsock

Featuring an integrated data analyser, TracePlus® moves beyond the realm of displaying API calls, being both a full-featured Winsock spy and data analysis tool.

Using its unique visual realtime display of Winsock activity, you can spot timing-sensitive Winsock problems, view error codes for failed Winsock functions, reverse engineer other Winsock applications without source code, interpret conversations between two Winsock applications, and learn how Internet protocols are implemented.


- Improved microsecond timing accuracy.
- Detailed information on each call to the Winsock 2 API as well as the Microsoft Winsock extensions.
- Detailed information on each call made to the Win32 Internet API (WININET). In addition, several of the WININET API functions will display the data packet associated with that function in the Data View.
- Detailed information on each call made to the Remote Access Services (RAS) API.
- Detailed information on standard Win32 File I/O API functions when socket numbers are passed instead of file handles. In addition the data packet associated with the API function is displayed in the Data View.
- WSAAsyncxxx() calls are monitored, and detailed information is provided on each posted asynchronous notification and statistics are provided on response time.
- Full IPV6 Support. TracePlus/Winsock can distinguish between IPV4 and IPV6 addresses and display each one in the appropriate format. IPV6 socket options are recognized in the Socket View.
- Detailed information on each call to an I/O completion routine, including statistics on response time.
- Novell IPX Support. Peer addresses are formatted in IPX format. Microsoft specific IPX socket options are recognized in the Socket View.
- Full support for I/O completion ports. Calls to CreateIOCompletionPort(), GetQueued(), and PostQueued() are monitored, and queued packets will be displayed in the Data View
- Supported API functions that fail are indicated in the Diagnostics View along with the Winsock or Win32 error code describing the failure
- Displays Winsock traffic originating from Java applets and Javascript embedded in a Web page
- Displays Winsock traffic originating from ActiveX controls and COM objects instanced by an application.
- Detailed information on all Winsock, RAS, and WININET API calls originating from a child process
Works with most commercial Win32 applications (release versions) with no modifications to the target application
- Compatible with Microsoft Terminal Server (Windows NT 4.x, Windows 2000, Windows 2003 Server) Read more.

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