Firmware upgrade method:

First of all, please confirm the "model name" and \" OEM Code\" you own by executing the program of \" firmware version confirm\" in \" firmware\" menu" provided by our homepage in order to confirm whether the firmware you want to upgrade is the same firmware or not.

In addition, as the PC is rebooted automatically again when the firmware upgrade is completed, you have to save necessary data and have to finish programs currently under execution.

1. Please download the attached Binfile (firmware) and sfdnwin file (download program) in a temporary folder (background screen)
2. Please execute downloaded sfdnwin.exe and in SFDNWIN execution window, please select the Drive you want to upgrade
3. Please click open by finding firmware (BIN file) you want to upgrade that is saved on the background screen after selecting " " folder open icon located in the upper left corner of SFDNWIN execution window. (English: Download File Open)
4. At this time, when you finish the preparation of upgrade as in the figure, you can start the firmware upgrade process if you click \" \" upgrade start icon. (English: Start Download)
5. As in the following figure, when the upgrade process is completed, download completion message appears and if you click \"confirm\", then the PC is automatically rebooted and the upgrade process is completed after rebooting.

SFDNWIN.EXE program is the program that supports the downloads of Samsung firmware in all Window Operation/Systems ( O/S environment).