What's New:

  • Added support for LBA to NAND bank mapping
  • Additional improvements made to update process.
  • Additional improvements made to firmware bad block management.
  • Corrected several ATA Security bug fixes.
  • Corrected how some SMART commands were displayed
  • Added support for additional NAND manufacturers, capacities, and configurations.
  • Made further improvements to TRIM and wear leveling algorithm

Compatible Products:

  • 64GB M225 SSD Part #:CT64M225
  • 128GB M225 SSD Part #:CT128M225
  • 256GB M225 SSD Part #:CT256M225

Firmware 1711 - Important Notice:

If your Crucial M225 Solid-State Drive has firmware 1711 you must first revert back to the 1571 firmware prior to updating to the new 1819 version. Please download the 1571 firmware and follow these instructions.