Customers can configure firmware features using a catalog of compatible firmware packages, without the need to modify source code.

  • Quickly develop platform firmware without source code
  • Platform firmware starts from validated reference code
  • Build from a catalog of compatible firmware components
  • GUI-based tool for Microsoft* Windows*
  • Based on industry-standard Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) firmware codebase

Development Process Using Intel Firmware Engine

Intel Firmware Engine enables simple changes of the binary image of the firmware from reference platform to derivative product, allowing developers to configure firmware features based on their product customizations. This development process accelerates adding and removing firmware features not found in reference platform, adding third-party components not provided with reference platform, and integrating custom boot payloads.

Developers can also extend functionality using the Intel® Firmware Engine Software Development Kit (Intel® Firmware Engine SDK). Existing Intel® UDK2014 code can be built as Intel Firmware Engine packages, allowing silicon component vendors and firmware developers to rapidly extend the Intel Firmware Engine ecosystem.

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