New Features:

1. Adjustable Playback Speed (Menu > Function > Playback Speed)

Playback speed can now be adjusted in speeds from -9 to + 9. (Actual speed adjustments range from + / - 25% of initial speed). Adjusting playback - will slow playback speed, and + will quicken the playback speed.

2. End-time for Tuner Recorded files using the Reservation. (Menu > Timer > Tuner Rec. Reservation)

The end-time of reserved Tuner recorded files can now be selected when using the Tuner Record Reservation function. Record End-time can be selected from 10 - 240 minutes from the time the recording starts, to where the recording will automatically end.

3. 180 Second Study Mode (Menu > Mode > Study Mode)

The Study Mode function has been enhanced to support up to 180 seconds. 10 second intervals will be shown once the scroll bar passes 10 seconds. For example: 1-10, 10-20 - 20-30, etc.

4. Enhanced LINE IN AUTO-SYNC (Menu > Select Function > LINEIN AUTO-SYNC)

The LINE IN AUTO-SYNC function has been enhanced to detect a period of silence of up to 10 seconds. The LINE IN AUTOSYNC is a function that distinguishes silence between tracks when recording from an audio CD through LINE-IN.

5. TEXT Support for Sub-folders

The TEXT VIEWER function has been enhanced to read and recognize within sub-folders that might contain a TEXT folder.