What's New:

1. Support DDR2 double side x16 module
2. Enable support for CPU ratio adjustment on Kentsfield B0 stepping CPU
3. Enable conroe/kentsfield ratio overclocking higher above default value
4. Fix CPU Fan profile mode not correct after system shotdown
5. Enhance memory compatibility for DDR533 and DDR667 modules.
6. Revise S3 fuction not stable when CPU FSB over 300MHz.
7. Enable support for OCZ2G8002GK-6400
8. Fix PCIEX1 will disappear after update beta bios from 0405 to 0507
9. Fix some lock cpu will show \"modify ratio \"item in bios(ex:660-SL7Z3 3.6GHT PSC800 2M/EM64T 002)
10. Fix some lock cpu frequency not correct when lock free fuction enable(ex:660-SL7Z3 3.6GHT PSC800 2M/EM64T 002)
11. Fix kentsfield L2 cache not correct issue (in bios setup)
12. Fix SATA configuration select disable and compatible mode, and BIOS still show SATA5 and SATA6
13. Update ICH8 Raid option ROM from V6.0.0.1022 to V6.1.0.1002
14. Update Marvell 8001 and 8056 Lan option rom from to