What's New:

P5N32-E SLI Plus Release BIOS version 0501
1. Enhance memory compatibility
2. Enable support for FSB 1333Mhz CPU
3. Fixed sometime the CPU VID table will be dystroyed
4. Fixed Vcore error when CMOS checksum fail
5. Fixed summary page \"CPU ID/ucode ID\" string will show \"CPU ID/uc\" instead
6. Update EZ-Flash version to B319
7. Finetune H/W Monitor Voltage warning range
8. Fixed system hang when Music Alarm play length is over 1 hour
9. Lock \'F8\' and \'DEL\' function key when after entered EZFlash
10. Fixed Music Alarm auto shutdown when using Presler 3.4GHz CPU with WD1200 HDD and ASUS DRW1612BL
11. Fixed system may show \"error loading operation system\" message when using CHS mode PATA HDD, and set \"Access Mode\" to CHS at the same time
12. Fix system will report error when there is Legacy floppy is disabled at the same time when SATA ODD is the only device connected to this motherboard
13. Enhance HDD compatibility
14. Change Max FSB to 650MHz on AI-Booster
15. Fixed CPR fail when overclock too much
16. Finetune USB driving
17. Fixed power Fan can\'t work after S3
18. Set DDR2 Termination Max default Votlage to 1.25V (Memory Voltage is 2.5V)
19. Add patch to support Creative X-FI sound Card
20. Speed up S3 resume time
21. Change CopyRight year from 2006 to 2007.
22. Fixed memory clock mode option may disappear when SLI ready memory is used
23. Enable support for LinkBoost