Although most Internet users have probably wised up – or so we'd hope – to old scams involving some wealthy foreigner who's supposedly being cheated out of millions of dollars and promises a small fortune in exchange for help spiriting money out of the country, the truth is scammers are getting more sophisticated and creative in finding ways of duping folks to part with their cash or personal information.

Some of them use legitimate-looking sites masquerading as a reputable company, others lure people with offers of free or cheap consumer electronics, while some prey on desperate job seekers with bogus work-from-home programs paying an unrealistically generous salary for part-time labor.

On top of all that, even if you are cautious enough not to fall for such schemes, there's also the risk your personal information might fall in the wrong hands if a service you use is compromised by hackers.

In this Weekend Open Forum we want to know: have you, or anyone you know, ever been victim of online frauds of any kind? From an embarrasing attempt at making a quick buck, to online purchases where the seller didn't keep his end of the deal, or unexpected charges to your credit card. Tell us your story.