It's been a tumultuous 2016 for technology companies GoPro and Twitter. Each is dealing with its own set of issues but nevertheless, the two are partnering to enable live streaming from select GoPro cameras via Periscope.

Those interested in streaming will need one of GoPro's two top-of-the-line action cameras - either the $499.99 Hero4 Black or Hero4 Silver which is $100 cheaper. Older GoPro models need not apply. Also required is an iPhone (no word yet on when support for Android handsets will be ready).

As a Twitter spokesperson explained, the Periscope app will automatically detect when a compatible GoPro is paired with your iPhone. Once connected, the app will give the option to broadcast from the action camera.

During a broadcast, users can seamlessly switch between the front and rear cameras on the iPhone as well as the GoPro. Viewers will still be able to chat and send hearts to the broadcaster as if they were broadcasting from their phone. What's more, footage captured during a live Periscope broadcast will be saved locally to the GoPro's memory card as normal and broadcasters can even put their iPhone away in their pocket and continue streaming.

Pro tip - Periscope and other live broadcasting apps like Meerkat are known to consume a lot of data. As such, it'd be wise to keep a close eye on your data allotment during use.

The new functionality will come baked into the latest version of Periscope for iOS available starting today on Apple's App Store.

Helmet photo courtesy Alex Brandon, Associated Press