Motorola on Wednesday announced the Polaroid Insta-Share Printer, the latest addition to the Moto Mod line of modular smartphone accessories.

The add-on clips onto the back of the Moto Z and features a physical shutter button that can be used to activate your phone's camera. Images can then be printed out using Polaroid's 2 x 3-inch Premium ZINK photo paper (a pack of 20 sheets will run you about $9 on Amazon).

The photo paper features an adhesive back that you can peel off and stick onto, well, whatever you want. I could see where that'd be a blast for kids.

Users can print from their camera roll or directly from Instagram, Facebook and Google Photos.

The Polaroid Insta-Share Printer is available to pre-order as of writing ahead of a planned November 17 launch online and through Verizon. Expect to pay $199 for the opportunity.

That's not very affordable, especially considering Polaroid's own Snap instant camera can be had for about $20 less and Kodak's Printomatic standalone shooter retails for just $69.99. Plus, the Mod isn't exactly slim. You'd need some pretty spacious pockets to accommodate your phone with the camera printer accessory attached.

If the Polaroid Mod isn't for you, perhaps the recently launched Alexa Mod, the Moto Gamepad or the JBL SoundBoost 2 will fit the bill?