Apple maintains that paying $1000 for an iPhone X is worth it for such an advanced piece of tech. Tim Cook even called its cost a "value price." So, one would expect the phone to answer incoming calls with ease. But it seems some owners have found their handsets struggling with this most basic of functions.

People first started complaining about the issue on Apple's Support forums back in December. The problem is that there's a delay between when an iPhone X receives an incoming call and when the display allows owners to answer it.

"Whenever I receive an incoming call in my iPhone X, ringtones starts but the display comes on after 6-8 seconds," wrote one user. "Whenever I restart my iPhone X the problems gets automatically solved and after 15-20 calls the same problem starts again."

It's unclear just how widespread the issue is right now, or whether it's a hardware or software problem, but Apple will no doubt be hoping it's the latter. The company told the Financial Times that it was "looking into these reports," but gave no further details.

This isn't the first reported issue with the iPhone X. Back in November, some users reported that the screen became unresponsive when using the handset in cold weather. Apple issued a software fix later that same month.

It remains to be seen whether this puts off anyone who is thinking of buying an iPhone X, but it's yet another problem for Apple's high-end device. The flagship phone didn't sell as well as expected, and there are reports that Apple may cut its production numbers in half.