Bottom line: Nvidia reportedly has a new driver for GeForce cards that will integrate support for ReShade post-processing injection filters. Hopefully, the drivers will not wreak havoc on frame rates or get misidentified by cheat detection solutions as the standalone software sometimes does.

VideoCardz notes that Nvidia has confirmed it will be adding ReShade filters to its next set of GeForce drivers. The updates should be available starting next week after the launch of the GeForce GTX 1660 Super GPU.

Nvidia said the ReShade filters would be supported by the GeForce Experience software using Nvidia Freestyle and Ansel technologies.

ReShade is an open-source post-processing injection tool that allows users to make custom filters to change a game's appearance. It is mostly used to add graphical enhancements that are not in the game natively, like SMAA antialiasing, screen-space ambient occlusion, depth of field, and others --- sometimes sacrificing frame rate.

It can also be used to simply change the tone of the game by increasing saturation, skewing the hue, or sharpening the image, which has no impact on game performance. Nvidia claims that "hundreds of filters" will be available.

TechPowerUp points out that the driver-level ReShade feature is likely to be a bit more bare-bones than the standalone software. However, Nvidia will likely "curate" more ReShade tools into future drivers. That is assuming that games do not suffer performance-wise from the integration.

ReShade is not without its issues. In some games, it gets falsely flagged as cheat software resulting in auto-bans. This problem is easily resolved by not running ReShade in games known to do this. Whether it can be disabled at the driver-level is unclear.

The software can also lower frame rates depending on what filters and settings are used. Hopefully, this would be where Nvidia curation would come in to ensure only ReShade settings that have negligible to zero impact on game performance are allowed.

Regardless the caveats, the ReShade project is likely to see a huge increase in gamer interest in the software with a big name like Nvidia providing support.