What just happened? TeamGroup has stated today that they are the first DRAM company to enter the validation process of a consumer DDR5 memory module and are currently working with motherboard manufacturers to finalize the long-awaited chips. The DRAM modules are slated for a Q3 2021 release, but they must have CPU support, which won't be featured by AMD or Intel chips until Q4 or beyond.

TeamGroup has announced today that it is the first DRAM producer to enter the validation process of a consumer-grade DDR5 memory module. The company stated they are working closely with the R&D divisions of motherboard manufacturers to perform validation tests on their chips and finalize consumer-facing clock speeds. These first sticks will contain 16GB chips running at 4800MHz at 1.1V per module.

SK Hynix was the company to launch the first DDR5 DRAM modules back in early October, but these were for enterprise use. We will likely see other manufacturers come out with their consumer-facing products soon.

DDR5 is expected to reduce power consumption and double bandwidth relative to DDR4, as well as some other significant improvements under the hood. Clock speeds should see a dramatic improvement as well, with SK Hynix stating in April that it was working on a DDR5-8400 module. But these won’t be released for some time, and the first few modules probably won’t peak over 6000 MHz.

If you are planning a build in the coming months, though, do not hold out for DDR5. Support for the next-gen memory is quite far-off, rumored to release with Alder Lake in Q4 next year and with AMD’s Zen 4 in 2022.