Benchmarks: Atto Disk Benchmark

Using the Atto Disk Benchmark we find that the read performance of the OCZ Vertex 2 Pro is very strong delivering the best results we have seen from any SSD. When working with 1kb data the Vertex 2 Pro was 57% faster than the original drive, while it was 80% faster when working with 2kb data and 2.5x faster with 8kb data.

While the Vertex 2 Pro started off very strong in the read test letting the original Vertex catch up, for the write test it does the opposite. When working with 1kb and 2kb data there was very little difference between the two drives.

Jumping to 8kb data samples, the Vertex 2 Pro became 2.5x faster than the Vertex. The write performance when working with 32kb and 128kb data was also impressive as the Vertex 2 Pro led by by 46% and 41% performance margins.