Benchmarks: Battlefield Bad Company 2, Far Cry 2

Next up we have Battlefield Bad Company 2 which was tested using Fraps to record 60 seconds of gameplay from the level “Cold War”. The game was tested using the best visual quality settings with 4xAA/16xAF enabled.

Again we find that the efficiency of SLI is very good when testing with Battlefield Bad Company 2. At 1920x1200 the GeForce GTX 460 SLI configuration delivered 82% more performance when compared to the single card setup. This had the SLI setup topping the GTX 480 and Radeon HD 5870 cards while remaining behind the Radeon HD 5970.

Far Cry 2 Benchmarks

For testing Far Cry 2 we used the “Action Scene” from the custom benchmark tool. We feel this is an excellent representation of real gameplay performance. We used the best graphics settings available and 8xAA.

Far Cry 2 is known to favor Nvidia graphics cards however SLI did not scale as well as it did on other titles. We saw a ~66% performance increase when testing at 1920x1200 and about a 75% boost when overclocking the boards.