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Facebook's imminent destruction a hoax?

Facebook's imminent destruction a hoax?

According to this Youtube video and a flurry of articles from various news sources around the web, hacktivists from Anonymous have plans to "destroy" Facebook on November 5th, 2011. Despite the alarming news for Facebook users, it may not be…
Banned from Google+, Anonymous creates Anonplus

Banned from Google+, Anonymous creates Anonplus

Google has reportedly banned a handful of Anonymous members from Google+ (it's not exactly clear how many accounts were shut down). The hacktivist group likened Google's actions to the stories of activists being banned from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, as well as…
Anonymous to NATO: do not challenge us

Anonymous to NATO: do not challenge us

The hacker group Anonymous has warned the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) not to challenge it. NATO may have more resources than Anonymous, but the "hacktivist" group clearly believes it would come out victorious in a fight.
Anonymous knocks BMI website offline

Anonymous knocks BMI website offline

The hackers collectively known as "Anonymous" have struck again, this time targeting the website of Broadcast Music Incorporated. The group reportedly forced offline with a large DDoS attack last night. Although the site remains inaccessible as of writing, BMI…