Brazil articles

WhatsApp temporarily banned in Brazil for a third time

WhatsApp was shut down in Brazil yesterday, marking the third time the messaging app has been banned in the country since last December. As was the case in the other two incidents, it wasn’t too long before the Facebook-owned service…

Apple loses iPhone naming rights in Brazil (update)

The Brazilian Institute of Industrial Property has ruled that Apple does not hold exclusive rights to the "iPhone" trademark in the country. According to the BBC, the decision only applies to handset devices, and won’t prevent Apple from marketing its popular smartphone under the iPhone brand unless IGB Electronica exercises its option of suing for exclusive control over the trademark.

Netflix begins Latin America rollout in Brazil

Netflix has officially begun rolling out its service in Latin America. The company's streaming service went live in Brazil today, where users can now sign up for a paid subscription costing the equivalent of about $9 a month and get…