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Foxconn readies fanless Atom/Brazos Nano PCs for September

Foxconn readies fanless Atom/Brazos Nano PCs for September

First unveiled in May, Foxconn has announced that its fanless nettops will finally ship in September after a brief delay possibly related to the cancellation of Intel's Atom D2700 processor, which was originally expected to appear in one of the models. The Nano PC will be available in two variants...

Zotac intros Brazos-powered barebones Zbox AD02

Zotac intros Brazos-powered barebones Zbox AD02

With various manufacturers shipping Brazos-based Mini-ITX HTPC motherboards, AMD's new platform was bound to be offered in a more complete package. It seems Zotac has done the honors, announcing one of the first compact barebones systems powered by AMD's E-series…
ECS announces Brazos-powered HTPC motherboard

ECS announces Brazos-powered HTPC motherboard

Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS) is the latest manufacturer to launch an HTPC motherboard armed with AMD's new Brazos platform. The company's Mini-ITX HDC-I board comes with a single or dual-core E-series APU (codenamed Zacate) and the Hudson-M1 chipset. Both the…
AMD previews Brazos platform, first Fusion APUs

AMD previews Brazos platform, first Fusion APUs

AMD recently disclosed some fresh details about the Brazos platform that will put the first Fusion chips into low power systems early next year. In case you need a refresher, the Brazos architecture incorporates the "Bobcat" core design, which itself…