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13 million plaintext passwords stolen from free webhost go public

An Australian security researcher was recently tipped off about a five-month-old security breach involving free webhosting company 000Webhost. The anonymous tipster claimed the attacker(s) got away with sensitive information belonging to 13 million site users.

Over 8 million Gamigo user logins leaked months after breach

Millions of user logins swiped from a German gaming company earlier this year have appeared online this month. In February, hackers bypassed the security of free-to-play MMORPG outfit Gamigo, taking over 11 million email addresses and encrypted passwords (though only…

Nvidia and Android forums fall victim to hackers

Add two more websites to the already long list of sites that have been hacked as of late. Nvidia’s developer forum and Phandroid’s have both been breached and it is believed that usernames and hashed passwords were among the…

Hackers post 453,000 plaintext Yahoo Voices logins

Hackers collectively known as "D33Ds Company" have posted unencrypted credentials for over 453,000 Yahoo Voices accounts. The group reportedly used an SQL injection to extract the information, which includes email addresses, passwords, over 2,700 database table…