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Weekend tech reading: AMD shares Steamroller details

Weekend tech reading: AMD shares Steamroller details

Ever since the relatively disappointing debut of AMD's Bulldozer microarchitecture, we've been curious to find out what happens next. New architectures sometimes have their share of troubles, but they often bring with them quite a bit of headroom for improvement, especially once there's...

Weekend tech reading: What went wrong with AMD?

Weekend tech reading: What went wrong with AMD?

Five years ago, AMD looked set to topple Intel. Now its very existence is under threat. Mike Jennings investigates what went wrong In 2006, AMD could seemingly do no wrong. Its processors were the fastest in the PC market, annual revenue was up a record 91%...

AMD FX-8150, FX Series Review - Bulldozer makes debut

The Phenom II has had to deal with the Intel Core i7 on multiple platforms, as well as the Core i5 and Core i3 processors, for almost 3 years now. After all this time, is the pain finally coming to an end for AMD?

Today AMD is launching its new FX processor lineup comprised of the flagship FX-8150 along with the FX-8120, FX-6100 and FX-4170 processors. Keep reading as we explore the inner details of AMD's new FX series and we benchmark all four new processors being launched today.

Three AMD FX-Series CPUs get listed for pre-order

Three AMD FX-Series CPUs get listed for pre-order

We're still waiting an official launch date for AMD's FX-Series processors, but over the weekend the first three models went up for pre-order at online retailer The chips in question include the six-core FX-6100 and two eight-core models, the…