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Acer's massive Chromebook 15 packs Intel Broadwell processor

Chromebooks are most often marketed to those looking for a highly portable machine but that’s no longer the case as Acer has announced a massive (for Chromebook standards, anyway) 15.6-inch Chromebook it’s calling the Chromebook 15.

First batch of Android apps for Chrome OS have arrived

Support for Android apps on Chromebooks has finally arrived. After making the announcement during Google I/O in June, the first Android apps for Chrome OS are now available to download – there just aren’t very many of them yet. …

The Cornerplay: Price is the only weapon Chromebooks have against Windows

On an absolute basis, one device is clearly better than the other; but the expectations for what a Chromebook is supposed to do is so much lower that, relatively, Acer's C720 Chromebook feels like a better device than it really is. Asus' popular T100 budget hybrid, on the other hand, gets compared to other Windows laptops (or the iPad Air) and doesn't look as good in the comparison.

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HP to launch 14-inch Slatebook powered by Android

HP is preparing to launch an Android-based notebook called the Slate 14. Unlike some of the hybrid implementations we’ve already seen, this system is poised to be one of just a few full-fledged Android-based notebooks to hit the market.

LG reportedly creating its first Chrome OS devices

LG has created Android devices over the past while, and now it looks as though it may be teaming up with Google for another kind of product. A report from TMWatch points at LG and Google getting together to produce…