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Google now fields more than 100,000 copyright takedown requests every hour

Google revealed in its latest transparency report that it received a staggering 76,899,797 requests to remove links to material that allegedly infringes copyrights. Those requests came from just 3,083 reporting organizations, Google said, and were spread across just under 70,000 domains.

Porn-trolling Prenda lawyers slammed by federal judge

In a satisfying case of justice well served, US District Judge Otis Wright made it definitively clear what the Internet has for months decried in comment boxes everywhere: porn-trolling, litigation-happy copyright law firm Prenda Law are a bunch of crooks.…

Apple loses iPhone naming rights in Brazil (update)

The Brazilian Institute of Industrial Property has ruled that Apple does not hold exclusive rights to the "iPhone" trademark in the country. According to the BBC, the decision only applies to handset devices, and won’t prevent Apple from marketing its popular smartphone under the iPhone brand unless IGB Electronica exercises its option of suing for exclusive control over the trademark.

Watch this: TPB AFK, The Pirate Bay documentary is out

The Pirate Bay documentary TPB AFK premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival today after four years in the making. The film, directed by Swedish filmmaker Simon Klose and partially funded by Kickstarter, chronicles the site’s three founders during their…