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DirecTV to launch live 4K broadcasts in early 2016

Now that Ultra HD televisions are hitting affordable price points, more and more companies are gearing up to deliver 4K content to consumers. DirecTV is the latest broadcaster to announce 4K support, with streams set to hit subscribers in early 2016.

Verizon diversifies as $4.4 billion acquisition of AOL is complete

Verizon has completed its $4.4 billion acquisition of Internet pioneer AOL. Deals of this magnitude typically take several months to finalize and are often hamstrung (and even derailed) by regulators but that certainly wasn’t the case here considering the acquisition…

DirecTV said to be considering Hulu acquisition once again

There’s no shortage of potential suitors when discussing an acquisition of online video streaming destination Hulu. Earlier this month it was rumored that Yahoo was looking to pick up the asset following their failed Dailymotion bid but that was before…